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Our Rates.

Service Fee for Major Secret.

$1,500 AU.

$1,350 NZ.

Live Foal Guarantee and Free Return provisions apply.

A.I. Breeding Service.

$440.00 AU

Our standard charge for handling a mare for breeding via semen transport

$27.50 AU

Semen pick up from Adelaide Airport per trip.

$44.00 AU

Agistment during the breeding season.

Any costs associated with Vet fees, prostaglandin, etc. will be as charged by our veterinary practitioner.

Agistment Service.

$44.00 AU per week

Paddock (mares and geldings only).

$77.00 AU per week

Yard only plus feed cost if not supplied.

$77.00 AU per week

Stable plus feed cost if not supplied.

Other Services.



Hoof Trim


Foaling Down

$165 (plus agistment)




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